Logistics and Warehousing

logisticaWe offer more than others - for us it is a special challenge and our task. Therefore we assume complex and challenging logistical tasks for our customers beyond printing. That means for us to provide warehouse services, logistics and transport. We store the advertising material produced by us or by others, and send them directly to your customers. The tasks are increasingly being transferred to us, who do not belong to your core business. From outsourcing you benefit in several ways:



  • you can concentrate on your main business.
  • concentrate on your commercial activities.
  • your staff does not have to be trained
  • having to provide any of your storage area

A collaboration with us as a partner in printing, logistics and shipping is useful because it can generate synergies in the implementation of projects by grouping products to be shipped, for example. On request, we store your printed material. Contact us!