The success of our business calendars are based on the planning and organization that can be done through them thanks to the three, four, five or six months in view and the current day framed with a plastic date slide indicator.
Our line of calendars is of 3 basic models:

  • Mini
  • Eco
  • Lujo 4 meses
  • Lujo 3 meses

También contamos con calendarios especiales (fotocalendarios y lujo 6 meses)

DPI Design


Has been serving for more than 20 years to customers throughout Mexico and beyond its borders. Creative work is the interaction of heart, joy, love, devotion and understanding. The idea is to make ideas fly and feel what is right for the target audience. Our greatest asset is our creative team.

In specialized fields we use our network, consisting of experts in marketing and multimedia, moving forward together to reap the fruits of creativity. Our strengths are your benefits. Enjoy the magic combination of idea and advertising. Be swept away to a world of brands, products and designs with a DPI design.

His advertising agency for high performance.


acabadoFull Service in House

Benefit from our comprehensive services: any print finishing and packaging.
We handle your projects from concept to completion.
Our services include cutting, bindery, saddle stitching, side stitching, coil bindery, wire, spinal bindery, packaging and shipping directly to you or drop ship to your customers.


  • Less effort - get your finished product in one hand and without worrying about anything.
  • Faster process - no lost transport - time
  • Best quality - printing and processing are designed and connected from the beginning.

We use modern processing equipment, such as folding, stapling and cutting machines. Also, we do manual sewing and assembly.

We are happy to help.

Logistics and Warehousing

logisticaWe offer more than others - for us it is a special challenge and our task. Therefore we assume complex and challenging logistical tasks for our customers beyond printing. That means for us to provide warehouse services, logistics and transport. We store the advertising material produced by us or by others, and send them directly to your customers. The tasks are increasingly being transferred to us, who do not belong to your core business. From outsourcing you benefit in several ways:



  • you can concentrate on your main business.
  • concentrate on your commercial activities.
  • your staff does not have to be trained
  • having to provide any of your storage area

A collaboration with us as a partner in printing, logistics and shipping is useful because it can generate synergies in the implementation of projects by grouping products to be shipped, for example. On request, we store your printed material. Contact us!


impresionesAbout us

A good printing company can not be measured with the production area, number of employees or size of their printing machines, but in its customer satisfaction.
For 20 years, our printing work convinces customers with quality products and excellent service. 
Customer satisfaction is based on individual counseling, competence, reliability and timely delivery. Flexibility and enthusiasm combined with the latest technology in the areas of production enable us virtually any communication task with perfect quality. Most of your wishes can be met, some even from the moment of contact by phone.
Simply click on contact or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Corporate Web – your www

webTo lay the foundation for success of your online business is a priority a business website, because it can be much more than a business card on the internet today.

It is based on the Web, which runs all day for you.




  • anywhere, at any time, customers can obtain information about their products and services on the internet
  • it generates contacts and gives you the opportunity to be in line with prospects and customers
  • is the platform of your marketing activities
  • supports the corporate identity and image of your company

Take the first step: With a corporate website that allows you to use the possibilities of modern e-business and online marketing. We are here for you.